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Apprenticeship offers Career Path Opportunities for Young People

September 30th, 2016
 Michele Daugherty and Lisa Vigil both shared their personal stories of beginning careers as apprentices in the construction industry.  After two years in the trades,...Read More
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Join the Partnership

Why Join?

“In order for our community to thrive, the future growth of San Joaquin County must include the attraction of new jobs and the expansion and retention of the existing job base. Based on their successful track record, the best place to make an investment in the future of our County is in the San Joaquin Partnership.”
Kevin Huber, President
Grupe Companies

“Why is it Critical to Support Today?

Job Creation 1992 – 2013
Diversified Business 2013
14 Projects 1,616 New Jobs
  • Advocate for Office and Industrial Development dealing with Public Policy and Permitting Issues
  • Participation in local implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Chair-City of Stockton’s Climate Action Committee
  • Engaged in negotiations related to proposed increases in mitigation fees – need to keep San Joaquin region
  • Work to implement the San Joaquin County Strategic Plan, enhance higher paying jobs and expand diversification of the job base