SUSD Public Safety Academy finally open


   Lined up in formation, 120 students – or cadets – presented themselves proudly in front of their families, Stockton Unified School District administrators and members of numerous law enforcement agencies.
   While not all of them might follow the path into public safety careers, the newly created Stockton Public Safety Academy will groom them to be future leaders and role models in the community.

(Record photo)

   The academy officially opened its doors in early August, housed in its own building at Stagg High School.
   After being in development for the past two years, the academy serves girls and boys in the fifth through eighth grade and runs on the same school year calendar as SUSD.
   A new group of fifth-graders will be added each year until the academy is filled with grades 5-12.
   The academy is designed to provide cadets with the beginning cognitive and effective behaviors necessary for careers in public safety. Cadets address staff and all other personnel as “sir” and “ma’am.”
   They wear designated uniforms, and during their time at the school, they will receive not only a proper education, but build on what the academy calls The Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.