Little chip saves big on computer power

   The Central Valley may not be Silicon Valley, but innovative technologies are still emerging from here.
   One potentially groundbreaking innovation comes from Current RF, which produces chips that reduce energy emissions from electronic devices. It also recycles the energy that does come out and provides cybersecurity at the same time.
   The biggest thing about this is nobody knows it exists, so we’re sort of working our way out of a small pinhole into the world,” said Current RF founder Michael Hopkins. We’re projecting really being profitable sometime next year.”
   Hopkins, who works out of Huddle Co-Work in downtown Stockton, is close to securing a partnership agreement with a company in Texas to mass produce the chips.
   Hopkins got the idea for the Current RF technology about four years ago when he was on an airplane. He was thinking about the fact that every time there’s an instruction instituted in a computer, which is called CMOS logic, there’s a surge of current. That surge is what Hopkins wanted to harness.