Groundbreaking set for CCC’s Delta Center in Stockton

   Groundbreaking for the California Conservation Corps’ new Delta Center in Stockton is set for Thursday at a site near Arch Road, near the Stockton Metropolitan Airport.
   The Corps currently has 35 members based at a nonresidential site in Stockton. The new center will house 110 in a residential center and is projected to be completed by November 2017.
   The CCC moved out of its former Delta Center at the former Stockton Developmental Center in 2005 because the lease was up and the buildings were to be demolished.
The new 50,442-square-foot location will feature nine energy-efficient buildings and will serve as the base center and tent city for future flood-fighting activities in the California Delta.
   The CCC center is expected to pump $1.5 million a year into the local economy.
   The “groundbreaking” actually will not break any ground. Instead, plans call for sandbagging around a boil (a bubbling leak in a levee) rather than the traditional shovels in the dirt.
   The CCC is a state agency celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Young men and women, ages 18 to 25, join for a year of outdoor work and emergency response. There are both residential and nonresidential locations throughout the state.
Central Valley Business Times