Businesses continue to spring up in Lodi

   Business and development is booming in Lodi, as new restaurants, retail stores, homes, offices and industrial businesses have continued to come in to town to meet growing demand.
   Two new restaurants have opened Downtown and another round of major chain retailers and restaurants are beginning to appear in the new development areas of Reynolds Ranch and the Wal-Mart Supercenter.
   It’s a sign of recovery after a long-time feeling the effects of the recession.
   Developers are growing confident in the market and are ready to make financial investments in development opportunities, according to Craig Hoffman, senior planner with the City of Lodi. With a lot of pent up demand for commercial areas, businesses are moving in quickly.
   “I think its very balanced in Lodi. It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen growth like this,” Hoffman said. “The initial saturation that takes place will gradually even out in the long run.”