Stockton school wins national honors

   Professional. Academic. Service Oriented. Strong. Integrity. Optimistic. Nurturing.
   These are the factors (they spell PASSION) that students and administration at Health Careers Academy live by. It’s a culture that is not only well-known on campus, but it continues to be recognized nationally.
   Earlier this week, HCA was unveiled as one of 500 high schools across the nation included on Newsweek’s “Beating the Odds” list of 2016, identifying schools that prepare low-income students for college.
   Coming in at No. 330, the charter, part of the Stockton Unified School District, was graded on factors such as graduation rates and percentage of students living in poverty.
   Sixth-year Principal Traci Miller said she’s pleased to see national rankings recognize schools not just solely on standardized test scores.
“Those tests are not important to me, because at the end of our lives, no one is going to (remember their score). It’s going to be about the person did we produce that left this place,” Miller said.
When the charter first opened in 2011, the goal was to bring more qualified health care workers to San Joaquin County.
The 500 students inside the campus at 931 E. Magnolia St. in central Stockton are trained to be ready for work in the health care industry.
They are enriched in a school that closely resembles that of the medical field. Hallways are called “units,” and class periods are called “rounds.”
Instead of uniforms, they don medical scrubs and white jackets, just like ones they eventually will wear in their chosen fields.