Record-setting spirit: Lodi man seeks to set world record to help his daughter

   On a recent morning in Lodi, drivers going down South Hutchins Street encountered something out of the ordinary – a man, clad in red, white and blue, pedaling away on a stationary bike.
   With clear skies and a chill in the air, the man cast long shadows into American Legion Park, dramatically silhouetted against the rising sun in the east. Next to him, a sign with his mission was clearly displayed: “World Record 4”
   The man on a mission is Lodi resident Rob Peterson, 55, a two-time Guinness Book of World Records entrant, now working towards his third record. The blonde-haired woman is his wife and official record-keeper – a must-have when attempting a Guinness world record. Peterson’s latest quest – most cumulative miles pedaled on a stationary bike. The record attempt is two-fold: most miles pedaled in a year, and most miles accumulated over a span of several years.
   He is hoping to pedal 250,000 miles by age 62.
   But his reason for wanting to establish this world record is not to just make it into the famous book for a third time, it’s to help his daughter Allison Oakey, who is battling multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed with the progressive, degenerative disease a decade ago, and the disease has taken its toll on Allison and her family.