New Power Station Brings More Stability to the Grid at River Islands

   The River Islands at Lathrop power station  is now close to being up and operational following months of planning, negotiations, construction and testing.
   River Islands Project Director Susan Dell’Osso says this auxiliary power station is necessary to ensure a steady supply of electrical power to the growing number of households in the master-planning community.
   The $12 million new power station was built by the developer and will supply electrical power to residents and future businesses in River Islands’ downtown area and business park.
    According to a story in River Islands “Currents”, PG&E experienced internal and external problems in July and August that resulted in several power outages in the community. the story went on to say that  the Lathrop Irrigation District (LID) became ” so concerned about the potential for outages during the recent heat wave that it began a systematic shut-down of power at the administrative and school offices within River Islands every days that temperatures exceeded 100 degrees to stem residential power losses, particularly between 4-7 p.m., as residents returned home from work.”
When the power station opens, River Islands residents will get electrical power form LID and continue to receive gas power from PG&E.